Taragh Bracken Speaks Up About South Chicago Violence

For a criminal lawyer, specific areas of the United States bring on a heavier workload than normal. In particular, Oakland, California and Southern Chicago bring on heaps of crime and gang-related violence. Taragh Bracken is a criminal justice defence lawyer working in the South Chicago area, and the amount of violent recounts of harassment are not uncommon in an area that was once ruled by Al Capone.


Al Capone, a well-known criminal who lived his reign in the 1920s and 1930s, is a well-known character that most Chicagoians and those who live outside of the city are aware of. It is said that he was responsible for the murder of approximately 300 and 700 homicides during his life. He brought on a realm of fear, creeping up on innocent passer-by’s and steaming up the neighbourhood misfits to join his growing gang.


Once in a criminal justice convention at McCormick Place, Taragh Bracken received a question from the audience that asked her to compare the violence of South Chicago from back then to now. Bracken stated that the city uses homicide rates as the most accurate measure for crime since murder is considered the top crime, and when there is a dead body it is often found and retrieved by officials. Although, a plethora of sexual assaults, robberies, vandalism and one-off shootings still occurs between gangs.


The question comes at an interesting time since most people living in Chicago, and even President Trump, have proclaimed that Chicago’s crime levels have spiked from Al Capone’s era. While Al Capone was eventually caught and imprisoned for life due to his despicable actions, the year of 2018 is a tough competitor with the 1920 crime rates since the rate is heightened since back then.


It is also important to note that almost 90% of homicides occurred both then and now with the handgun. Despite rigid gun laws, gangs are still able to grasp their hands on these items to secure their drug-infested land. However, Chicago also has a bad reputation for the use of bombs by gangsters. Mostly used as a scare tactic to prevent other gangsters from raiding their land, the use of bombs only further confirms the pervasive crime in the area.


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