How Feng Shui Allows You To Appreciate Your Home

Handy is a company that helps people get their chores done around the house. That thing you were meaning to fix for the last 6 months you never got around to removing off your list? Handy can put you in touch with a professional to do whatever it is you want.


Looking to declutter your home?

The concept of feng shui has been around for a long time and this tends to pop up in peoples’ minds when they would like a change in their home. The idea of feng shui is that open space is symbolic to having more. What this means is the more we let go of material things, the more we gain in the invisible such as peace of mind, free time and space. At first thought you would think it’s a minimalistic design. It can be but that is not the idea since people still love to be surrounded with things that make them happy. What is meant by feng shui is that our souls are easily charmed by open spaces that, if done right, can invigorate a room and make us prefer to be in a certain space because of it.

When we get rid of the extra chatter in the room such as things that are taking up space in a room that doesn’t need to be, then it’s possible to really get to enjoy the area you live in. For example that pile of clothes in your bedroom that is constantly there, you can put them away and just this simple act can make a difference. If your room is a mess, it does affect the quality of your sleep.


Simple tricks to use

When we wake up in the morning and do simple things such as opening up the blinds and waking up your house, we are mindfully replenishing the energy around us. Then when it is time to go to bed, it is a good idea to do the opposite by tucking in your house in at night. This practice will provide you gratitude for the various rooms in your home. When we do this you appreciate the things you have and not make us want the things we don’t.

Handy can help you make sure your house is filled with things that make you happy and bring up your energy and get rid of things that bring up feelings of frustration.

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