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Brad Roemer’s Advice On Sacrifices Women Leaders Make

I was quite shocked when I attend a female empowerment conference last weekend to find out that the majority of strong, assertive business women on that stage had been divorced at least once. As a woman myself, I felt discouraged to hear that successful women have a more difficult time disconnecting from work when they arrive home. I decided to take the topic to my psychologist, Dr.Brad Roemer. He’s one of the best in Oakland, and I’ve been visiting him since my anxiety-laden days in high school. Sure, your adolescent years are some of the most vulnerable times for one’s self-esteem.  However, God only knows how much more real big girl stresses I have now as a working female entrepreneur.


Understanding the Number One Sacrifice

On my lunch break on Monday, I called Dr. Brad Roemer up to discuss these tantalizing thoughts that stuck with me since the Saturday conference. Many people will tell you that work-life balance is a misnomer of a façade against finding zen in your every day schedule. They’ll tell you that the hustle isn’t a real thing—but does it truly need to be this way in order to feel and be successful? That’s another point that Roemer brought up. How exactly do you define success? This is a personal question that will differ for everyone you ask. If being an incredible mother, wife and daughter while also leading a great career in an emerging industry is what fancies you, then you need to take action towards harvesting those traits and qualities. Sometimes you’ll spend four really intensive days working on a single project, and then you will take it easier on the Friday and spend heart-to-heart moments with your loved ones at home.


Skyrocketing Mental Health Issues

When you’re so focused on your career and spending quality times with the ones you loved, you are certainly indirectly doing these things for your own well-being. However, you are at the same time neglecting your mental health. That is when you begin to see skyrocketing levels of anxiety and depression. It’s the people who do not allow themselves to take a spa day or some other leisure activities that will allow you to feel a little saner.


A Dwindling Social Life

When most elderly people are on their deathbed and are asked what they regret the most, the most common number one item is not harvesting their friendships more. Losing sight of your friend circle is unfortunately a trait that many successful women have to deal with. They are so busy trying to get ahead of the curve and showcase that they deserve everything that their male counterparts deserve.


Don’t fall into these traps. Recognize that you can have it all if you just lean in and use your time more effectively. It’s like the saying goes to “study smarter, not more”. Do the same for work so that you can adequately reap those benefits.