Are You A Businessperson? Here Are Reasons Why You Should Exercise

Kevin Sheehan is a successful businessman with a lot of responsibilities and many sources of stress. There are a lot of activities one can do to make sure this does not affect his performance at his job. It is important to unplug after work with a hobby. Many people have chosen exercise as their way to feel better and recharge either before, after or during work.


Why exercise is important for everyone?

For those of you who don’t know, exercise is considered as any movement that makes your muscles work and allows you to burn calories. There are so many ways to get in your physical workouts since there are so many options such as swimming, running, jogging, walking and dancing just to name a few popular ones. We all know there are so many benefits to being active both physically and mentally and it can even help you live longer.


Benefits to exercise according to Kevin Sheehan


  1. It can make you happier

It is no secret that exercise has shown to improve your mood and decrease feelings of depression, anxiousness and stress. This is because it changes the way our brain regulates stress and anxiety. When you do this, it can increase brain sensitivity for the hormones known as serotonin that is known to reduce feelings of depression. If those reasons still did not convince you, exercise increase the production of endorphins known to help people feel happier in general and decrease the way we see and experience pain. It is important to note that no matter the intensity of the workout, your mood will be boosted from exercise no matter how intense the physical activity.


  1. Help with weight loss

There have been many studies that show inactivity is a factor that leads to weight gain and obesity. To understand the relationship between exercise and energy used, it is good to know how your body uses the energy it gets from the food you eat. It uses it up in three ways which are digesting food, exercising and maintaining body functions. It is best to increase exercising than going on a diet since it can slow down your metabolism.


  1. Good for your bones and muscles

Since Kevin Sheehan is not as young as he used to be back in the day, he also has to think about the various ways to keep up his overall health and keep his body healthy.

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