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Taragh Bracken Speaks Up About South Chicago Violence

For a criminal lawyer, specific areas of the United States bring on a heavier workload than normal. In particular, Oakland, California and Southern Chicago bring on heaps of crime and gang-related violence. Taragh Bracken is a criminal justice defence lawyer working in the South Chicago area, and the amount of violent recounts of harassment are not uncommon in an area that was once ruled by Al Capone.


Al Capone, a well-known criminal who lived his reign in the 1920s and 1930s, is a well-known character that most Chicagoians and those who live outside of the city are aware of. It is said that he was responsible for the murder of approximately 300 and 700 homicides during his life. He brought on a realm of fear, creeping up on innocent passer-by’s and steaming up the neighbourhood misfits to join his growing gang.


Once in a criminal justice convention at McCormick Place, Taragh Bracken received a question from the audience that asked her to compare the violence of South Chicago from back then to now. Bracken stated that the city uses homicide rates as the most accurate measure for crime since murder is considered the top crime, and when there is a dead body it is often found and retrieved by officials. Although, a plethora of sexual assaults, robberies, vandalism and one-off shootings still occurs between gangs.


The question comes at an interesting time since most people living in Chicago, and even President Trump, have proclaimed that Chicago’s crime levels have spiked from Al Capone’s era. While Al Capone was eventually caught and imprisoned for life due to his despicable actions, the year of 2018 is a tough competitor with the 1920 crime rates since the rate is heightened since back then.


It is also important to note that almost 90% of homicides occurred both then and now with the handgun. Despite rigid gun laws, gangs are still able to grasp their hands on these items to secure their drug-infested land. However, Chicago also has a bad reputation for the use of bombs by gangsters. Mostly used as a scare tactic to prevent other gangsters from raiding their land, the use of bombs only further confirms the pervasive crime in the area.


True Factoring Options As Per Your Requirement

Do you need factoring? Companies can sometimes encounter cash flow difficulties. In this case, they can think of factoring.

Factoring is a means by which a company transfers with a financial counterparty a claim to a third party called a factor (factoring). The latter will recover the claim and may assume responsibility for its recovery from the debtor. This is an option. It is usually credit institutions that assume this function, but brokers are more and more present as we will see.

Let’s look at an example to better understand the factoring situation: the green curve with factoring, red without factoring. The factoring of receivables is there perfectly.


Managing your cash flow means planning

Here is the example of a TPE of $ 3.5 million excluding turnover which remains fragile despite a positive operating result (9% or $ 311,000) after $ 1.8 million excluding purchases. $ 1.4 million in operating expenses including $ 1.0 million in personnel costs.

Yet, despite this obvious profitability, the business manager is looking at his cash flow. It is a cash flow projection (receipts and disbursements per month) and realizes that despite a positive cash flow of $ 86K at the beginning of the year, his account will debtor as of the end of the 1 st month after its forecast the situation may not improve during the year.

To die profitable

The cash flow situation is stressful for everyone. Instead of focusing on its development, the business leader will spend time negotiating with the banker to cope with cash requirements.

The conclusion of the work of cash forecast of the entrepreneur is simple, the company may not be able to honor its commitments, to finance its working capital requirement (BFR) and even less to invest for the first time. ‘To come up. In other words, the company risks filing for bankruptcy … and dying profitably.

Factoring to finance the short term

To finance its operating needs, the manager thinks about a factoring solution. Factoring is within everyone’s reach. Each bank offers it, but there are also ultra-brokers specialized in factoring. The latter can study the different solutions with the leader. He will present to him in particular the strengths and weaknesses of the offers of the market, the head of enterprise chooses with confidence the solution he deems best for him.




What are the challenges of factoring?


The company that sells its receivables enjoys various advantages but there are disadvantages.


First important advantage. First, the price of the assignment of receivables provides advance financing to the assignor who can then settle his suppliers.


Then the outsourcing of administrative management, customer follow-up (recording of invoices, recovery of debtors in case of late payment, litigation service in case of non-payment) are carried out by the factor. In practice, the accounting department must also perform a small intellectual gymnastics, especially in terms of VAT.


The user company has better control over the return of its turnover.

Stepping Stones for the Best Load Boards Now

The Trade Logistics Program, which is part of the World Bank Group Investment Climate Cluster, assists developing countries to introduce effective trade logistics systems and services to enhance the competitiveness of the private sector. Thereby boosting investment, trade and job creation. Seven years after its launch, the program now manages projects in the six regions of the Group and in more than 50 countries, including those eligible for IDA funding and in situations of fragility or conflict.


The inefficiency of border management systems and cumbersome trade procedures result in considerable losses in time and money. In Colombia, customs clearance and import of products are a real obstacle course and cause significant delays: according to data Doing Businessfrom 2008, it took 20 days to import and 24 days to export. In Liberia, the import-export process is long, cumbersome and bureaucratic, since it involves following more than 40 steps to clear customs and produce a phenomenal amount of documents. This inefficiency and unpredictability of commercial logistics lengthens the duration and increases the cost of transactions for all those seeking to enter world markets. Now that you choose free freight load boards for truckers this is the best deals now.


The Trade Logistics Program addresses these barriers by simplifying and harmonizing customs procedures and documentation, integrating risk management systems for border clearance and border inspection stages, and promoting the computerization of customs clearance procedures. Procedures and the creation of one-stop shops. Investment climate teams rely on the following framework to provide tailored advice and technical assistance:

Rapid response programs (10-12 months): identification and implementation of quick-impact measures that can build confidence, initiate reforms and lay the groundwork for reform in the medium and long term;

Systematic reform programs (approximately 3 years): extension of initiatives for rapid response, focusing on key barriers and advocating best practices for effective trade supply chains;

regional programs (4-5 years): simplifying access to regional and global markets and providing solutions to landlocked, transit and island economies.


And in doing so, increased by 14% the number of days of actual business activity. In Liberia, clearance milestones were reduced by 74 percent from 42 to 10, with the automation of the system increasing customs revenue by 80 percent between 2009 and 2011 from $ 5 million to $ 9 million. .

In Armenia, traders now benefit from reduced transaction time to get their products to markets. The abolition of export licenses and technical certificates has reduced the number of documents to be produced from 7 to 5 and lowered the export time by 56% in 3 years. Armenian exporters are no longer required to produce expert test reports for a certificate of origin, which reduces the 4-day lead time and transaction costs per transaction.

Finding the Right Factoring for You

The success of any business is based on cash flow. When your business starts to grow, we will face the need to accelerate the flow of cash and this could mean obtaining some type of financing. Banks are in most cases the saviors of most companies, but most of them do not. It can always adapt to the financial needs of your company. Accounts receivable factoring is the best alternative for financing your business. With the help of Factoring companies, you will be able to obtain the capital you need for the business.

Factoring is an invoice that focuses more on the growth of the business rather than that of financing cash flow. The solvency of the clients you have is what the factoring professionals focus on. By establishing the solid payment history with your customers, factoring companies face paying invoice amounts. At a small

Factoring fee, you will receive the balance when the customer has fully established the invoice. There are so many advantages of factoring but to enjoy them you must start by choosing the best

1 – think of service

The factoring company must offer a professional friendly service. Not only should you receive guidance in creating a process, but you should also answer all your questions, for what you are capable of.

2 – Check the conditions of service

What you get from the factoring company must really adapt to meet your specific needs. Make sure that you are aware of the length of the contract, fees, notice and concentration among other important elements of factoring. The least you can do is make sure you are comfortable with each of the conditions of service.

3 – understand the factoring services and products that the company has for you

These can vary from one factor to another. Depending on the company, what we will work with, we can obtain financing options, credit control, dedicated customer manager, customer credit verification and online account management. Find out what products and services your company has to offer and how important they are to your business and the process to make a good decision. It is better to make comparisons between the best factoring companies before making a final decision to choose the one that best suits us.

4 – think about concentration

It is very important to remember that there are companies that limit the level of financing they provide against their customers. Before signing the agreement, therefore, we must check and confirm that your clients will be able to have appropriate access to finance levels as needed.

5 – Check out the factory rates

Most companies charge a monthly fee depending on the financing option that the company took. In most cases the percentage will be determined by the invoices that have been presented for financing during that month. Some may have a monthly minimum and this is an option that may not work for some companies if our company runs a business that goes with seasonal patterns.

Are You A Businessperson? Here Are Reasons Why You Should Exercise

Kevin Sheehan is a successful businessman with a lot of responsibilities and many sources of stress. There are a lot of activities one can do to make sure this does not affect his performance at his job. It is important to unplug after work with a hobby. Many people have chosen exercise as their way to feel better and recharge either before, after or during work.


Why exercise is important for everyone?

For those of you who don’t know, exercise is considered as any movement that makes your muscles work and allows you to burn calories. There are so many ways to get in your physical workouts since there are so many options such as swimming, running, jogging, walking and dancing just to name a few popular ones. We all know there are so many benefits to being active both physically and mentally and it can even help you live longer.


Benefits to exercise according to Kevin Sheehan


  1. It can make you happier

It is no secret that exercise has shown to improve your mood and decrease feelings of depression, anxiousness and stress. This is because it changes the way our brain regulates stress and anxiety. When you do this, it can increase brain sensitivity for the hormones known as serotonin that is known to reduce feelings of depression. If those reasons still did not convince you, exercise increase the production of endorphins known to help people feel happier in general and decrease the way we see and experience pain. It is important to note that no matter the intensity of the workout, your mood will be boosted from exercise no matter how intense the physical activity.


  1. Help with weight loss

There have been many studies that show inactivity is a factor that leads to weight gain and obesity. To understand the relationship between exercise and energy used, it is good to know how your body uses the energy it gets from the food you eat. It uses it up in three ways which are digesting food, exercising and maintaining body functions. It is best to increase exercising than going on a diet since it can slow down your metabolism.


  1. Good for your bones and muscles

Since Kevin Sheehan is not as young as he used to be back in the day, he also has to think about the various ways to keep up his overall health and keep his body healthy.

How Feng Shui Allows You To Appreciate Your Home

Handy is a company that helps people get their chores done around the house. That thing you were meaning to fix for the last 6 months you never got around to removing off your list? Handy can put you in touch with a professional to do whatever it is you want.


Looking to declutter your home?

The concept of feng shui has been around for a long time and this tends to pop up in peoples’ minds when they would like a change in their home. The idea of feng shui is that open space is symbolic to having more. What this means is the more we let go of material things, the more we gain in the invisible such as peace of mind, free time and space. At first thought you would think it’s a minimalistic design. It can be but that is not the idea since people still love to be surrounded with things that make them happy. What is meant by feng shui is that our souls are easily charmed by open spaces that, if done right, can invigorate a room and make us prefer to be in a certain space because of it.

When we get rid of the extra chatter in the room such as things that are taking up space in a room that doesn’t need to be, then it’s possible to really get to enjoy the area you live in. For example that pile of clothes in your bedroom that is constantly there, you can put them away and just this simple act can make a difference. If your room is a mess, it does affect the quality of your sleep.


Simple tricks to use

When we wake up in the morning and do simple things such as opening up the blinds and waking up your house, we are mindfully replenishing the energy around us. Then when it is time to go to bed, it is a good idea to do the opposite by tucking in your house in at night. This practice will provide you gratitude for the various rooms in your home. When we do this you appreciate the things you have and not make us want the things we don’t.

Handy can help you make sure your house is filled with things that make you happy and bring up your energy and get rid of things that bring up feelings of frustration.